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Welcome to the Terrordome

I used to be someone who always thought nothing of sports. “Oh, I’m not involved and I don’t watch it, so how could it effect me?” Well boy was I wrong. Just like everything else in life, sports are political. With all the controversy surrounding the World Cup and honestly FIFA in general, I keep thinking of this book. The essays in here really bring into focus how even if you don’t play sports or watch them they shape the politics around you in ways you probably don’t realize. Looking at sports through the lens of race, class, gender, and more Dave Zirin examines how sports shape much of political life outside the field. I think this book could make a great holiday gift for your fellow sports lover, or even a novice. The essays “Béisbol: How the Major Leagues Eat Their Young,” “The Uses of Sports: How People in Power Exploit the Games,” and “Relearning Roberto Clemente” have stayed with me in particular.

[ID: The essay collection Welcome to the Terrordome by Dave Zirin rests on a table with a mini succulent garden pot]

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