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Iron Widow

Iron Widow

Xiran Jay Zhao

“A primal scream of a novel” indeed. Was it perfect? No. Did I love it? Yes. It was deliciously weird and the author was definitely like “fuck it, I’m just gonna go for it.” And go for it they did. The action did not let up and it was just so random and weird I was completely buckled in for the ride. I see some adults kind of nitpicking at this, but this book is YA through and through, we are not the intended audience and that is fine. I absolutely love that this book exists for young people. A badass female in a polyamorous relationship instead of a boring love triangle? Why not? It was unexpected and fun. It gave me exactly what I needed and the ending made me want to throw the book across the room. That cliffhanger!! Book 2 is sure to be just as explosive and I am here for it. Thanks for rec @sarahs.thoughts.on.books it was perfect.

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Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao

Black Sun

Black Sun

Rebecca Roanhorse

Multiple POV’s are always challenging to pull off, but Black Sun comes out swinging. Rebecca Roanhorse’s epic fantasy, inspired by pre-Columbian Americas, is a must read for any fantasy lover. Expansive without being overwhelming, fast paced but easy to follow, this book hits all the right marks of a fantasy book. I was thrilled throughout and had the best time reading it. Simply put, this one is superb. I am PUMPED for book 2, because that ending, WOW.

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amari and the night brothers by b.b. alston



P. Djèlí Clark

Wow! This was a fun one! A MASTER OF DJINN by P. Djèlí Clark was an absolute ride and wild adventure. A perfect mix of a propulsive plot and meaningful character development. The cast of characters was truly original (cantankerous Djinns and badass female bandits to name a few) and helped make this world so rich and satisfying. Definitely a read that left me grinning from ear to ear.

Taking place in a post-colonial Egypt in 1912, this story follows Agent Fatma, the youngest woman to work for the Ministry of Alchemy, Enchanments, and Supernatural Entities as she solves a mysterious murder whose alleged perpetrator threatens the destruction of the world.

It’s steampunk, action packed, a fun mystery, and a delightful alt-history that was so much fun to read that in writing this I kind of want to start it over. It’s been awhile since an adult fantasy truly surprised me. This is definitely a new favorite. I feel like this is a great book for those who may not read much fantasy. Clark is a wonderful storyteller and has created something I think everyone here would enjoy. If you’re looking to mix up the genres you read, and rarely pick fantasy may I recommend this one?

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amari and the night brothers by b.b. alston

Library of Dead

Library of Dead

An absolute delightful first book in a planned series, THE LIBRARY OF THE DEAD by T.L. Huchu is a perfect, creepy summer read.

The protagonist, Ropa, is a 14 year old teenager living in a dystopian Edinburgh. She can talk to dead people and will communicate the messages to the living, for a fee of course. A particular ghost asks her to look for her missing son, and eventually Ropa decides to take up the mission. Danger ensues, chaos reigns and the city starts to spill a few more secrets.

Ropa is an amazing character and I loved following her around in the city on her different jobs. I also really liked the world building in this one. It happens slowly and you pick up tiny snippets of what happened in the past. Clearly there was a kind of disaster that shaped Ropa’s world, but we don’t know yet what happened, just that something catastrophic certainly did. We also have barely scratched the surface of what the Library of the Dead even is, but I’m sure these mysteries will unfold in the next books. I’m excited because I also loved her friends and family and can’t wait to get to know them better. The groundwork here has been laid for a fantastic series, and I will definitely check out book 2.

If you’re into science fiction/fantasy books that feature ghosts and magic, with a funny and loving main character and an A plus supporting cast you will probably enjoy this one.

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amari and the night brothers by b.b. alston

Amari and The Night Brothers by B.B Alston

Amari and The Night Brothers

B.B Alston

I was feeling pretty unmotivated to read this month. So when I cracked open Amari and the Night Brothers it was the perfect time. A comfortable, fast paced read filled with magic and mystery, Amari must navigate several trials in order to become a Junior Agent at the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. It’s the only way she can find out what happened to her brother, Quinton, who disappeared.

Readers of all ages will enjoy this wild ride, especially those who have a particular love for science fiction and fantasy. As a teacher I loved this because it was so readable and I thought of my readers that sometimes have difficulty reading being able to pick this one up and get sucked in. I know some other series featuring magic can sometimes feel too complicated and the language hard to follow. It can be discouraging. I can’t wait to put this book into my class library (now I apologize to my current class because they’ve been waiting for me to finish, hehe, don’t worry y’all I’ll get a few more copies).

If you know a young reader in your life definitely get this for them, if you’re looking to rediscover some magic from your childhood, I hope you pick this up too. It deserves all the attention. Also can we talk about this cover? Because holy moly it is beautiful.

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amari and the night brothers by b.b. alston

DNF’ed Books

DNF’ed Books

CW: Anti-fat bias, fatphobia

I recently DNF’ed these two books for VERY different reasons.

Infinite country is beautifully written. Because of the short chapters I flew through half the book in one night. But I just haven’t had the energy to pick it up again. I think going back to hybrid so late in the year has fried my brain even further than I thought it could go. I’ll probably come back to it, but maybe I won’t. I just know right now given the subject matter I need to give this my all but I just don’t have the mental capacity. In other words INFINITE COUNTRY, it’s not you, it’s me.

But on the other hand I had to DNF THE HOUSE IN THE CERULEAN SEA because of the anti-fat comments literally everywhere. I want to acknowledge it is because of @bookishbluebird I was able to catch it in the first place and I am so grateful to her. I tried to keep going thinking maybe it’ll stop but every time the MC mentions his intensely restrictive diet “or the tire around his middle” and how it makes it difficult for him to get around, it took me out of the story. It’s a pretty constant stream of tiny comments here and there. The last straw was when the kids were in the middle of the forest and talking about cannibals. One of the kids makes an offhand remark how they’re glad the MC is there because surely he’ll get eaten first because of his size. Cue eye roll and me slamming the book shut in frustration. It served no purpose to the characters development or plot and definitely contributes to anti-fat bias that is so pervasive in our culture. Listen. Before I probably would not have noticed it, but now that I know better I have to do better. This book was a huge disappointment. And honestly a lesson for me. I should’ve stopped it way earlier and I should’ve just listened to Hayle to begin with. Shoutout to the other bookstagrammers that helped me out with this one too. Also want to acknowledge I’m not trying to call anyone out but if this is on your TBR I hope you reflect, my DMs are open. and if it’s one you loved. We’ve all been there.

What book have you recently DNF’ed? Why did you choose not to continue? #bookstagram #libraryglaredontcare

dnf-ed books

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