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Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Isabel Yap

I remember seeing a post by @booksbythecup telling SOME readers (i.e. ME) that we were reading short story collections all wrong. I was reading short stories in a way one would read a novel. After that simple realization, I became determined to give short stories another go.

Thankfully my wonderful little book club, with @enjoyjournaling and @nerdtasticnoms were game to try something new as well. We decided to read Isabel Yap’s short story collection titled NEVER HAVE I EVER.

One thing I loved about reading short stories was that it is a complete story! Seems obvious…I know…But it was nice not feeling like I had to get to the end to see what happens. It was a calmer pace and I felt a deep sense of satisfaction when I finished one story. I also really loved the range of the stories in this collection. Some were heartbreaking, some were creepy, there was a queer witch romance, and one that was totally about the Sailor Scouts getting older! I would love to read more by Isabel Yap, and I think she is definitely a Filipino author to watch.

I won’t say I am a short story convert just yet, but I do have a few on my TBR now that I am excited to get to. I recently acquired Sabrina & Corina and The Secret Lives of Church Ladies. I’m ready for more!

[ID: The short story collection, NEVER HAVE I EVER, by Isabel Yap resting against colorful plants]

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