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The World We Make

Wishing for sunnier days in southern California, yeah yeah yeah, we need the rain, but I am sick of it. So here I am posting this sunny picture.

Anyways! The World We Make is the second and final installment of N.K. Jemisin’s cities duology. Overall, I enjoyed this series fine, but it was not mind blowing like The Fifth Season. I know it is unfair to compare the two, because they are completely different so please be the judge yourself if you have read neither! That being said, I will gladly visit any world Jemisin creates, and I did enjoy the uniqueness of this story but it just didn’t land for me. Alas, you can appreciate and respect something without having to love it. You could tell that Jemisin was simply out of gas for this one, and I don’t blame her. Creating anything at the height of the pandemic was a challenge for anyone.

I will say I can’t wait for her next novel. She is a writer that stands apart in the genre and I love being immersed in her stories. I know a lot of people that loved this series, so it give it a shot for yourself if you’re curious.

[ID: My hand holds the novel The World We Make by NK Jemisin against green plants. It is sunny outside.]

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The World We Make
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