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River of Tears

Hey #welovemglit look what came in the mail today!

I’m so excited for @naturemamareads and @andreabeatrizarango Middle Grade Lit Book Club. As a fourth grade teacher I try to read as much MG Lit as I can so I can talk to my students about the books I have in my library.

It’s also a huge goal for me to be more intentional about which books I buy for my classroom library this coming year and the years to come.

I’m excited to read this one because my students always love talking about the legend of La Llorona. Once I asked students what super power they would want the most and one girl said to breathe underwater so she could defeat La Llorona.

Dark I know, but she has quite the sense of humor! I miss that class….Once we’re back in the classroom I’m sure this book will be well loved! I can’t wait to dig in! What MG lit have you read?

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