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Two memoirs I read and enjoyed

Two memoirs I read and enjoyed.

I’ve been a huge fan of Jemele Hill for a long time. I love her candor and the unique lens she brings to professional sports. I found her memoir engaging and illuminating. It was really interesting to read about her path to journalism and the people that helped her. She wrote with clarity and empathy about her childhood and her family. It was a very enjoyable read and my respect for her only grew.

I actually ended up listening to SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER on audio, read by the author herself, and I honestly think it was the way to enjoy it. She explores her complicated relationship with her mother and grandmother. I think this was billed incorrectly though. While yes, she of course discusses her father’s conviction and prison sentence, she is still very much the center of the story. It is a coming-of-age book that oddly made me feel seen in my own way although our experiences in life aren’t that similar. I admire Ford for sharing her story, and I’m thankful her story is out in the world.

I never really gravitated towards #memoirs before #bookstagram, but I find myself drawn to them more and more. There is something about reading them that makes me feel less alone on this earth. And I have so much respect for artists willing to put it all out on the table.

[ID: The two memoirs Uphill and Somebody’s Daughter rest on a wooden bannister outside. There are some potted plants blurry in the background on a brick floor.]

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Two memoirs I read and enjoyed
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