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I started the year hoping to participate in the #Toni21Readathon, they read her books in chronological order. I made it past Tar Baby. After that I needed a break. Toni Morrison commands attention in a different way compared to, well, everyone. I could tell I was rushing through her work instead of sitting with it, it felt like too much of a blur, and after Tar Baby I needed some time to let it rest in my brain. But if you did finish it this year, kudos to you because that is amazing. I do want to read more of her works, but I will make my way slowly and more suited to my pace. She is in a league of her own. Sula and Song of Solomon are some of my favorite novels now. I know I will reread them one day. The Bluest Eye and Tar Baby are also phenomenal (the dialogue in Tar Baby is truly next level and The Bluest Eye, haunting. I can’t believe it was her first novel). Her ability to write such interesting and complex characters that never leave your mind is truly unmatched, and the way she is able to create such a sense of place and time makes her books unforgettable. No sentence is wasted. There is meaning in everything. The smallest detail about a place or a character can reveal so much.

If you have read multiple books by Toni Morrison, which is your favorite? If you haven’t, which one would you like to start with?

Also special shoutout to @ibingebooks for being the organizer of the #Toni21Readathon, you are a rockstar in this community.

[ID: The books The Bluest Eye and Song of Solomon resting on a black glass table, with plants in the foreground on top.]

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