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The Witch’s Heart

Genevieve Gornichec

This is a perfect winter tale and a cozy read with a strong female lead. I read Neil Gaiman’s NORSE MYTHOLOGY #BeforeBookstagram and loved it but you don’t need to know anything about Norse mythology to enjoy this novel. I have really only read Greek mythological retellings and I would like to remedy that because I absolutely love the genre. I really enjoyed this one. There is a love story (two in fact) but this is a tale about a mother’s unconditional love for her children. Angrboda is a character I will never forget. I’m so thankful that Genevieve Gornichec brought her story to light.

Synopsis: When a banished witch falls in love with the legendary trickster Loki, she risks the wrath of the gods in this moving, subversive debut novel that reimagines Norse mythology. Angrboda’s story begins where most witches’ tales end: with a burning. A punishment from Odin for refusing to provide him with knowledge of the future, the fire leaves Angrboda injured and powerless, and she flees into the farthest reaches of a remote forest. There she is found by a man who reveals himself to be Loki, and her initial distrust of him transforms into a deep and abiding love. Their union produces three unusual children, each with a secret destiny, who Angrboda is keen to raise at the edge of the world, safely hidden from Odin’s all-seeing eye. But as Angrboda slowly recovers her prophetic powers, she learns that her blissful life—and possibly all of existence—is in danger. With help from the fierce huntress Skadi, with whom she shares a growing bond, Angrboda must choose whether she’ll accept the fate that she’s foreseen for her beloved family…or rise to remake their future. From the most ancient of tales this novel forges a story of love, loss, and hope for the modern age. (Taken from goodreads)

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The Witch's Heart by Genevieve Gornichec
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