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The Poppy War

This book is so good and I first heard of it after watching the @kuangrf incendiary speech at the Hugo Awards. In the speech, she calls out the sexism and the racism that exists within the SFF publishing community. I was immediately smitten. ⠀

After seeing that there are so many bookstagrammers here that love this book I knew it was a slim chance to none I wouldn’t get pulled in. This book is fantastic. RF Kuang wanted to write a fantasy book that would be like a retelling of 20th century China. Rin, the MC, is based on Mao Zedong. It’s a part of history many know nothing about and it deserves to known and spread widely. (Source: @bookriot ) Definitely read that interview if you have a chance. ⠀

This tale pulls no punches and I doubt it’s going to have a happy ending but in war is there such a thing? There is no black and white, only grey. ⠀

I hope you pick up this book friends and family. But just note that she did write this based upon the true events of the Second Sino-Japanese War. And as stated above, nothing in this novel has been sanitized. RF Kuang gives respect to history and lays bare all of the hideous truth. I admire her so much and can’t wait else to see what else she has in store. ⠀

Special thanks to @nerdtasticnoms and @sirenareader for giving me those content warnings as well. It helped me mentally prepare and I’m reader that really appreciates content warnings. ⠀

CW: descriptive details of war and death, PTSD, sexual violence, grief, addiction. ⠀
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