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The Memory of Police

I didn’t necessarily like this book, I found it kind of boring and difficult to get through. But I can’t stop thinking about its central theme. Memory. How easily we forget things. Sometimes I wonder how true that is. Do we forget things? Or do we just bury them deep so they’re harder to find? Maybe it’s a mixture of the two.

My son can name hundreds of ocean creatures. He can also tell you the names of countless bugs. When he does this sometimes I wonder how long he will remember. Will those things still be around for him to enjoy when he’s my age? Will he remember? Should I tell him about the leviathans that swim in the oceans or should I help him forget? You can’t miss something you have never known, but is that true? Don’t we all pine for things and memories we never had and never got to make, whether it is with the people we love or memories of the people they could have been?

Listen, I’m not trying to like spout deep thoughts but this is just where my mind went as I was reading it. The experience of reading this book was strange. I don’t think I was meant to connect it with our current climate crisis, but I couldn’t help it because it’s something that always haunts the corner of my mind. I don’t want to forget, but sometimes I am grateful as he gets older he won’t know any different. Maybe it’ll make him stronger. I don’t know. And I think I’ll always remind him too. This world is magic, and there is still so much we can protect, so much to fight for. I don’t want to forget.

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