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The Great Believers

This book is one of my all time favorites. I listened to Brit Bennett on @thestackspod a couple of weeks ago talk about how the ending of this story just lands so perfectly, but that it emotionally wrecks you. And she is right. I personally loved it, and I feel like a lot of you would too. I can’t review it, because I have been trying and I keep erasing the things I write. LA friends if you want to borrow this let me know! Check out the next slide for a short synopsis.

Sidenote: I’m playing around with different backgrounds in my house. We don’t have much natural lighting so I go outside a lot to take pics since my patio garden is pretty. I’m also bad when it comes to editing photos because I know I overthink it too much. I don’t know how y’all take such pretty photos, definitely not my strong suit but I’m glad I get to enjoy yours! (also please don’t feel like you have to say my photos are nice, I love them bc they are mine. I know my strengths and that ain’t it, lol)

Anyways! Go read this book! Happy Tuesday everyone. #alwaysbereading #ilovebooks#bookaddict#bookaholic #knowhistory #thegreatbelievers #bookstagram #booksthatmakeyoucry

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