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The Cool Moms

Enjoy. @sona.rukmani and @climatejusticeteachermom

I was tagged by @readwithneleh and inspired by @margauxreadit

Enjoy a couple of out of context texts from some dorky moms who are passionate about teaching and creating a more just future for every kid, but also books. Duh.

That Shit was Sloppy AF:
All This Could Be Different
The Rabbit Hutch
Anna K

Listen to teachers. Lol:
We Want to do More than Survive
Teaching to Transgress
The Knowledge Gap
Lies My Teacher Told Me

Why are men like this?
Stay with Me
The Days of Abandonment
Monsters: A Fan’s Dilemma

I Cried the Whole Way Home Lol:
All My Rage
The Great Believers
The Vanished Birds

Elmo Burning:
We were once a family
Allow me to retort
Empire of pain
Dear America

No Bad Vibes! BEYONCEEE:
Easy Beauty
(If you know you know)

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