The Arsonists City

Hala Alyan

THE ARSONIST’S CITY is possibly a new favorite. A messy family drama spanning decades and taking place in Damascus, Beirut, and even parts of the United States, this book is about the secrets we keep from our families. What secrets are okay to keep? Which ones are not? Who gets to decide and why? I loved every minute of this reading experience. This book has been shortlisted for the Aspen Words Literary Prize, and it is easy to see why. A sublime reading experience, if you haven’t read it and love family epics you will surely fall in love with this one too.

[image: The novel THE ARSONISTS CITY by Hala Alyan rests against some plants. The book cover features a painting of a two story house with a red tree in the middle. There are three figures smoking or sitting on the outside of the house and it is nighttime.]

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The Arsonists City by Hala Alyan
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