Hey #bookstagram! It’s been awhile. I’ve been focusing on my mental health but don’t worry I’ve been here enjoying all the amazing things so many of you have been doing in spite of it all. I have still been reading (the past two weeks though not so much) but this book right here is nothing short of genius.

Sula is one of the best books I have ever read. I know we get that a lot around here, but come on. It’s Toni Morrison at her finest, hard to argue with me here. I think about this book a few times a week. It’s a slim novel at just under 200 pages but it packs a SOLID punch. Although short, I savored every word of this book. I found myself putting it down frequently and just sitting with the characters. I wanted to enjoy it, so it took me a solid week to get through. I’m sad I didn’t read it sooner, but at the same time I think I read it at the perfect moment in my life. It’s definitely one I will come back to as I get older. There are so many interesting questions about feminism, sex, and what it is to be a woman, especially a Black woman. It was tragic, but also sometimes downright funny. But my favorite part of reading this, is that you get to bear witness to an artist creating something so spectacular. The whole time reading it you can feel Morrison just know that she is absolutely creating a masterpiece. It’s an honor and privilege to engage with her work. Have you read this? If not, I hope it’s on your TBR now! #bookstagram #ToniMorrison #ReadBlackWomen #Sula #bookstagrammer

sula by toni morrison
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