Sharing my top 5 predictions

I was tagged by @theoreads and @pilartyping to share my five star predictions, and finally got around to curating a small stack that is pictured on this table:

1: Stay with Me, by Ayobami Adebayo: I honestly don’t know what this book is about, I just know after reading @readwithemilyg review I had to read it. It’s also a favorite of @thatgoodgoodbook so you know it’s going to be excellent.

2. This is How You Lost the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone: I am book edging this one. Badly. I know its a favorite of so many here, don’t yell at me.

3. Allow Me to Retort: Ellie Mystal: I read the first page and was hooked. Mystal has a clear narrative voice and dispels information in a way that is not only accessible, but also funny. Sign me up.

4. Invisible Child by by Andrea Elliott: It won the Pulitzer Prize and the synopsis alone was enough to convince me. Synopsis: Invisible Child follows eight dramatic years in the life of Dasani Coates, a child with an imagination as soaring as the skyscrapers near her Brooklyn homeless shelter. Born at the turn of a new century, Dasani is named for the bottled water that comes to symbolize Brooklyn’s gentrification and the shared aspirations of a divided city. As Dasani grows up, moving with her tight-knit family from shelter to shelter, this story goes back to trace the passage of Dasani’s ancestors from slavery to the Great Migration north. By the time Dasani comes of age, New York City’s homeless crisis is exploding as the chasm deepens between rich and poor.

Now to get to the business of reading them………….

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Sharing my top 5 predictions
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