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Science Fiction #getlostinabook

Hey bookstagram. It’s been a minute since I have posted and I just want to say it’s because I’m not okay. Things of late have been really hard. My personal life and professional life leave me feeling unmoored and sometimes I feel like I have to remind myself to breathe. I’ve been reading which is nice but when I come here I just don’t have the bandwidth to write something that feels right. So here I am. Just telling the truth. Bc right now it is what it is. When I feel this way I tend to lose myself in a science fiction book. They’re pure escapism but not so totally mindless. (Even though mindless is still okay) It’s nice to get lost in the stars. Also you can love “frivolous” things and still be an activist. In fact you should because everyone needs to rest and frivolity can be recharging. It can remind you to smile. And feel warm. Maybe make you laugh. So how y’all doing? What do you read or do when you need to escape?

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