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Say Nothing

SAY NOTHING by Patrick Radden Keefe is now one of my favorite non-fiction books. I started it a couple weeks ago at 8 PM and promptly stayed up till 1 AM (which is WAY past my bedtime)I have to thank @thatgoodgoodbook for giving me the push I needed.

Patrick Radden Keefe is an amazing investigative journalist. In this book he is searching for the true story behind the disappearance of Jean McConville and the tragedy it caused as she left behind ten children. To uncover the truth we go into a deep dive of the The Troubles period that took place over 30 years from the 1960’s to the 1990’s in Northern Ireland and beyond.

I kind of went into this thinking it was just going to be a true crime sort of tale, but I could not have been more wrong. Although the children are centered in this book (rightfully so in my opinion as they literally did nothing but still experienced so much trauma) this is also a story with many layers and revelations about the war in Northern Ireland that made it a propulsive read and kept me wanting to know more. No war is ever insular and its ripple effects can be felt throughout the world, even if at first you can’t see it. Patrick Radden Keefe lifts the veil and helps you connect the dots you’ve missing all along.

Keefe is a brilliant writer. I never really felt lost in the plot although there are many people and events to keep track of, and it’s clear he has an unwavering desire to tell the truth. But as we know, sometimes in your search for the truth, you just end up with more questions.

If you’re looking for excellent narrative nonfiction, look no further. #SayNothing #NarrativeNonFiction #SummerReading #Bookstagram #AlwaysReading #nonfictionbooks

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