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Hey #bookstagram it is imperative we all do what we can to save the USPS. They have been under attack for decades and now the dummy in charge is looking to further defund them. Call both your senators and demand action to save the USPS. This is a direct attack on our democracy as voting by mail is going to be ESSENTIAL this year to keep people safe. Also, I know MANY of us buy our books from independent bookstores and borrow from libraries, and they rely on the USPS to send us our books or get new ones. Saving the USPS saves them. So please please call your Senators and demand they take action. This is so important. #savetheusps #books #booklover #booknerd #bookaddict #savelibraries #saveindependentbookstores #indepedentbookstore #librarybooks #librariesofinstagram

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