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Reading Wrap Up 2022 In Review

It was a lot of fun to go back over my reading year, but one thing really struck me, most of the favorite books I read in the beginning of the year. And although I have read the most I have ever in my life in one year (101 books!), that did not equate to quality. Lesson learned, but also that makes a lot of sense. In a crowded year, it had to really stand out to make the cut. Plus my brain short circuited around May until like, well it’s still going I think, so I think that could be a part of it too. Which makes sense, because we moved in May. In 2023 all I want is to read what I own and DNF with abandon. I live near an amazing library that is well stocked, there is no reason for me to keep buying books. I’m honestly grossed out by how much I own and need to remedy that, especially with what’s coming on the horizon….Onwards to 2023. Happy New Year Book Community, you’re still the best place on the internet.

Listed Books are:

  • Fiction that made me cry:
  • The Seed Keeper
  • Stay With Me
  • The Swimmers
  • The Arsonists City
  • Beloved
  • What Storm What Thunder
  • The Vanished Birds

Jaw Dropping Fiction:

  • Babel
  • The Secret Lives of Church Ladies

YA Page Turners:

  • Iron Widow
  • Bloodmarked

Unforgettable Nonfiction:

  • What My Bones Know
  • White Negroes
  • All That She Carried
  • Paradise
  • Grass
  • Welcome to the Terrordome


  • Deaf Republic
  • Don’t Call Us Dead: Poems

Middle Grade:

  • Shirley and Jamila save their summer
  • The Tryout
  • Ghost
  • I Can Make This Promise
  • Ophie’s Ghost
  • All Thirteen

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Reading Wrap Up 2022 In Review
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