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Puerto Rico Strong

I love graphic novels. To me the art form can be truly transcendent and pack an emotional punch. Comics are political. Political cartoons have been around since the beginning of politics! There is so much they can accomplish and this collections of short stories is no different. This comic anthology was created by multiple Puerto Rican artists and writers. These are all stories about Puerto Rico and the only complaint I have is that some are too short and could’ve used more time, but given the circumstances surrounding its creation time was probably of the essence to get these stories out. Nevertheless if you don’t know much about Puerto Rico or its history this is a good place to start. Plus, all the profits from this anthology go to United Way of Puerto Rico’s Early Childhood Relief Program. ⠀

Puerto Rico holds a special place in my heart. My grandmother was Puerto Rican. My father was born in Puerto Rico. I’ve been lucky to visit a few times growing up. And although I grew up eating asopao and homemade flan, once my grandmother passed it felt like that part of my identity was severed. We were supposed to go to Puerto Rico this winter to spread her ashes, a family reunion my cousins and I really want to happen, but it looks like it is just not in the cards. Thankfully the family I have still residing there is doing okay. They are all safe and healthy. But I hope I can see my great Aunt and Uncle before it’s too late…⠀

I miss her so much. I hope my family and I can go back one day and fulfill her final wishes. I’ll be so happy to show my son that part of himself too and maybe reclaim a part of myself that at times feels lost. ⠀

Also shoutout to @altversela for putting this on my radar. They are an awesome comic book and table top gaming store in LA you should support if you can. #graphicnovel #puertorico #puertoricostrong #hurricanrelief #hurricanereliefpuertorico #hurricanerelieffundraiser #bookstagram #booklover #bookaholic #knowhistory #decolonizeyourbookshelf #comicbooks #comics #ilovereading #alwaysbereading #supportsmallbusiness #independentbookstore #supportlocal #supportlosangelessmallbusiness

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