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Poetry Recommendations

Wow. I asked for poetry recommendations and y’all delivered. Here is a complete list of the recommendations I received. Please feel free to DM more or add more in the comments. I am so excited to get started and so many of you gave great advice and also commiserated with me about being intimidated by poetry. It meant a lot! The poets or collection with an asterisk by them means it was recommended more than once. Because I’m a tech dummy I can’t figure out how to reformat the google doc pics and make a multiple list so I’m gonna put in my stories and make a highlight.

[ID: Pictures of the covered of the poetry collections Peluda, Black Girl Call Home, Homie, Catalogue of Unabashed Gratitude, Mary Oliver’s Devotions, Counting Descent, Obit, A Fortune for Your Disaster, Hermosa, and Bless the Daughter Raise By the Voice in Her Head laid over a forest background]

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Poetry Recommendations
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