October and November Wrap Up

October and November Wrap Up.

October and November were weird months for a myriad of reasons, so again my reading is all over the place. These tend to be the most challenging months for teachers (for everyone this year though really) because the newness of school has worn off and we are starting to understand the hill we have to climb as the year progresses. I am lucky, with only 17 students, my class this year is truly a dream. Am I being that effective? I honestly don’t know. Do I care? Kind of, but as y’all know WE ARE TIRED. Anyways, my favorites have to be Little Devil in America and Black Sun. Clean Getaway was a perfect read aloud in my classroom as well. Also Heartstopper has stolen my heart. If you are looking for a comfort read that still has deep themes, pick it up. Its adorableness will surely make you smile. I hope you all are doing okay. The holidays this year are especially brutal. Hold your community and loved ones close. Tell people how much you love them.

[ID: First slide has an ocean background with rocks and the book covers for Black Sun, Never Have I Ever, Clean Getaway, White Smoke, Eva Evergreen, Go Ahead in the Rain, and Acts of Desperation. Second slide is a picture of a lake and the book covers for Room to Dream, Little Devil In America, American Born Chinese, and Heartstopper Volumes 1-3]

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