Mini-Reviews! Graphic novels are so beautiful and the perfect slump buster. I also love that they can make a text more accessible for young readers. These are some I have read recently and enjoyed. In the picture the following graphic novels are featured: Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me, Displacement, Mooncakes, Magic Fish.

Laura Dean: This is a beautifully drawn graphic novel and I loved this gentle story about young love. We have all been there in some capacity, a relationship that feels one sided but you’re just not ready to let go. But there are consequences to staying with someone that does not love you the way you deserve…you can lose friendships and a sense of yourself. Highly recommend this one.

Displacement: If you have read Kindred by Octavia Butler, the inspiration for this one will be easy to see. A young half-Japanese girl keeps getting transported back in time to the 1940s when anyone with Japanese ancestry was forced into an American Internment (Concentration) camp. This is marketed as middle grade and I think that is appropriate. This is a great introduction for any young reader into that time of history. It is a launchpad for further learning, and I’m glad it exists for young readers everywhere.

Mooncakes: Gifted to me by @nerdtasticnoms . This is a really fun one. A teen witch named Nova and a werewolf Tam Lang must fight the evil they find in the nearby forest. Just a fun ride and I hope there is a sequel or something coming out because I am honestly just interested in knowing more about this world!

Magic Fish: Ugh my heart, a gorgeously told story about a young boy trying to come out to his mother. Subtle but powerful. I loved this one about the unconditional love we have for our kids. It snuck up on me. It’s a middle grade one too, so I will definitely be keeping this one in my classroom library.

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amari and the night brothers by b.b. alston
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