Middle Grade Books

Today is the first day of in-service learning at school, kids come back the 23rd.. It’s actually nice being back on campus with my team (who I love so much and am so glad they all came back this year). Another plus, I used the rest of my class budget from last year on these beauties and found them waiting for me! I’m VERY tempted to take SISTERS OF THE NEVERSEA (thanks for the highlighting it @floury_words) home and read it myself first……Of course I am insanely nervous, but I did have a very restful summer. Any favorites? Any suggestions on things I should add! I’m always looking for more recommendations for 4th graders!

[ID: A stack of Middle Grade books in Viv’s classroom including Sister of the Neversea, Amulet comics, Blended, and The Jumbies]

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amari and the night brothers by b.b. alston
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