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Meet The Bookstagrammer

#MeettheBookstagrammer post! Figured I’ve been here for over a year and reached 1k so WHY NOT. My name is Vivienne and I was born and raised on Tongva land otherwise known as Los Angeles. I’ve been a teacher for seven years and have only taught fourth grade. I love this age because they’re in between childhood and adolescence. They still find me funny and enjoy sarcasm. I’m working hard to separate myself from making it such a big part of my identity. I don’t work on weekends and refuse to work at all when I get home. I haven’t found a balance because I feel constantly behind but I’ll take time with my son and husband over work any day. Getting good books into the hands of young people is a passion of mine I sometimes wonder if I should’ve been a children’s librarian. When I’m not reading I like to play video games (Overwatch is a fav) watch TV and hang with my family. I’ve been a reader my whole life, but ever since my kid was born I’ve been more consistent because time is precious and harder to find. I used to read more sci fi fantasy but find myself gravitating towards contemporary/literary fiction and non-fiction much more. I want to get into poetry and short stories but alas so many books so little time. One day though…I started a bookstagram because I was bored and always wanted to have a book blog to keep track of the things I read (I have one but it’s not up and running the way I want quite yet because again: time). It turned into something I could have never imagined and I love talking to all of you about books and hearing different opinions. It’s widened my world view and led me to some great reads I probably would have never given a chance before. I’ve also met some amazing people that I proudly call my friends. Have a question? Ask me anything in the comments or just say hey! It’s so nice to be in community with you all. Have a lovely Wednesday.

[Image: Vivienne, a half Filipina woman in a black bikini, holding the book Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse at the beach]

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