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Magic For Liars

Thanks to @caseythereader for putting this book on my radar. It was truly a delightful read. A murder mystery to be solved by a non-magical person at a magic school where her magical twin sister works? WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

This book was a perfect read for me in this current moment, it had magic elements and horror elements, but our heroine, Ivy, at the center of it all is the real reason why I got so drawn in. She is perfectly imperfect, and I adored her. Maybe it is just the moment in time I am reading this too, but I am suffering from serious imposter syndrome these days and a lack of belief in myself as a teacher, so reading this made me feel less alone. Ivy is a badass, but she’s also really complicated and getting to know her made me smile.

I also appreciated the diverse cast of characters that were queer. It was not taboo at all, it just was. I also thought (maybe this is spoiler-y) that the plot line involving abortion was handled well because it also wasn’t taboo. There were no hidden whispers or shaming about it, and I appreciated that as well.

Overall, I liked this one and would recommend it to you if you like books with magic and a touch of horror. It was a smooth read that had some delightfully funny moments (courtesy of our heroines’ biting wit). #readfantasy #readnonbinaryauthors #readlgbtqauthors #fantasybooks #bookswithmagic #murdermystery #magicforliars #alwaysreading #bookstagram #ilovebooks #booklover#bookaddict

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