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Lies My Teacher Told Me

Y’all. I’m burnt out. Teaching right now is beyond challenging and it’s been for a long time. I hate the insane rhetoric that “we’re reinventing school” when in reality we’re sticking a sh***y band aid on something that was already crumbling to pieces. I don’t feel joy in this job right now. I don’t get to teach the things I’m truly passionate about and I’m scared to push back bc I could be fired. I’m in every kids living room and have already gotten emails about things I have said and done that parents don’t agree with. I don’t feel safe, I don’t feel protected. And most of all I sure as hell don’t feel valued. I’m tired. Just so so tired. I haven’t read this book yet but just got it in the mail today. Already the intro has me seething in agreement. How can I stay in this system that values control over engagement? Lies over truth? I know I’ll be back at it tomorrow bc that’s what teachers always do. We get back up and we survive another day bc we simply love the kids. But when will the people who claim to love the kids love their teachers too?

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