Library of Dead

An absolute delightful first book in a planned series, THE LIBRARY OF THE DEAD by T.L. Huchu is a perfect, creepy summer read.

The protagonist, Ropa, is a 14 year old teenager living in a dystopian Edinburgh. She can talk to dead people and will communicate the messages to the living, for a fee of course. A particular ghost asks her to look for her missing son, and eventually Ropa decides to take up the mission. Danger ensues, chaos reigns and the city starts to spill a few more secrets.

Ropa is an amazing character and I loved following her around in the city on her different jobs. I also really liked the world building in this one. It happens slowly and you pick up tiny snippets of what happened in the past. Clearly there was a kind of disaster that shaped Ropa’s world, but we don’t know yet what happened, just that something catastrophic certainly did. We also have barely scratched the surface of what the Library of the Dead even is, but I’m sure these mysteries will unfold in the next books. I’m excited because I also loved her friends and family and can’t wait to get to know them better. The groundwork here has been laid for a fantastic series, and I will definitely check out book 2.

If you’re into science fiction/fantasy books that feature ghosts and magic, with a funny and loving main character and an A plus supporting cast you will probably enjoy this one.

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