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Library Glare Don’t Care

I am exhausted and it is only Monday. I didn’t buy a single book in January, please clap. Hopefully I will get around to these two in the coming weeks. I know Ninth House is problematic (The MC is supposed to be of Latine Heritage, but Leigh Bardugo is not. And no this is not me saying white authors shouldn’t write characters from the global south, but there were some VERY cringe moments in Ninth House because of this. Heard Hell Bent does not have the same issues, which is great because maybe that means Bardugo is listening and actually taking the feedback, instead of you know just listening) I want to reread it ahead of Hell Bent based on @paigerragerreads review!

Seven Moons of Maali Almeida caught my eye and after reading the first page at the library I decided I was sold.

How is everyone’s February shaping up? What are you reading? Any of y’all implement a book buying ban, I am in solidarity with you! And if you broke it, hey you probably deserved that little book. #bookstagram #library #librariesarethebest #useyourlocallibrary #booksbooksbooks #alwaysreading

Library Glare Don’t Care
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