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Tracy Deonn

“From buried lives to beaten ones. From blood stolen to blood hidden. I map this terrain’s sins, the invisible, and the many, and hold them close. Because even if the pain of those sins takes my breath away, the pain feels like belonging. And ignoring it, after all I’ve just witnessed, would be loss.”

It’s not at all surprising to me that this book made its way back to the bestsellers list five weeks after its debut. It is good. Very good. It was a really refreshing YA fantasy in a genre that can sometimes feel a bit repetitive. Tracy Deonn’s twist on the Arthurian legend had my jaw to the floor when it reaches the conclusion. But this book is about so much more than the Knights of the Round Table. It’s also about grieving a parent gone too soon and inter generational trauma. Although I had trouble getting settled, once I let the plot wash over me and stopped worrying about the details of the different lineages I was firmly buckled in and along for the ride. I also felt the love story was a bit fast, but again I’m probably forgetting what it’s like to be 16 so that’s probably my fault (but team Selwyn, IYKYK). Bree is a welcome hero in these times and I’m excited for book two.

Thanks @ibingebooks and @nerdtasticnoms for pushing me to read this gem. I’ll post their reviews and more in my stories.

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tracy deonn's Legendborn book
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