Latinx Heritage Month

It’s Latinx Heritage Month! And we should celebrate Latinx Heritage all year! It’s great to have months to get awareness out but even better if you dedicate yourself to it all year. I know I can do much better and I’m so glad I joined the #bookstagram community bc it’s exposed me to books like this one. I’m #currentlyreading this for @thestackspod discussion at the end of the month with @lupita.reads Two accounts you should follow. This morning my class and I discussed the google doodle about Felicitas Mendez and it’s a great slice of LA history we knew nothing about. It feels good to inform the kids and ask questions together. I’m gonna read “My Papi has a Motorcycle” during closing circle today, as well. But I’ll make sure to hold myself accountable to read books like it throughout the year and not just this month.

kindred book
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