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Chanel Miller

⁣“The judge had given Brock something that would never be extended to me: empathy. My pain was never more valuable than his potential.”

(TW: sexual assault)⠀
Chanel Miller was first introduced to the world as Emily Doe. The victim of a sexual assault that took place at Stanford University. Brock Turner, the assailant, was given just six months jail time (he served three) after the judge declared “compared to other crimes in similar nature it may be considered less serious due to his level of intoxication.” Miller’s words written in her victim statement as Emily gave hope and solace to victims of sexual assault everywhere. This book is for those who feel their spirits battered to let them know they are not alone. This read was challenging and definitely very triggering but it was brilliant throughout. She takes your hand and shows you what it is like to be a sexual assault victim in today’s brutal society that perpetuates rape culture and victim blaming. It’s an indictment on our criminal justice system and how it upholds the white male as blameless for his mistakes. This is a necessary read for all. It wasn’t easy but it made me feel less alone, which is why we read in the first place. Whether or not you are a survivor there is something here to learn for everyone.⠀

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