June Wrap Up

#JuneWrapUp, I read great books in June, and was on a nonfiction kick. I would recommend any of these books, depending on what you are looking for. All were standouts in different ways, and I did love how my three nonfiction reads were sometimes in conversation with one another. When I can make connections between reads I feel like it deepens my learning. I don’t really have much else to say. I just hope everyone else is doing okay and my greatest wish for all of you is that you find some time this summer to enjoy nature in some way. A hike, the beach, a local park, heck even finding a quiet deck or porch or rooftop somewhere to enjoy the blanket of the night, just anything to help you slow down.

Pictured are the books #Severance by #LingMa#ButterHoneyPigBread by #FrancescaEkwuyasi#HoodFeminism by #MikkiKendall#TheBloodTrials by #NiaDavenport#WhiteNegroes by #LaurenMicheleJackson, and #WelcomeToTheTerrordome by #DaveZirin

June Wrap up
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