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Why did you join the #bookstsgram community?

I joined this summer bc I was bored sitting at home and I was reading voraciously. I also shared a ton of what I read on my personal account and my friends and family gave me good feedback on it so I decided to make the jump. I really wanted to tie it to helping e people I love #decolonizeyourmind

I genuinely got so much more than I bargained for. I found other half-Filipinos like me looking for community and that has truly been such a blessing. I have also interacted with so many people and have reveled in the creativity of so many around the world. I am so glad I’m here now. I wish I had joined sooner.

It’s been a lot of fun having a visual space to track my reading and talk to other people about books so I can stop bugging my friends and family to read “that book.”

At first it was sort of weird and I got caught up in the numbers race but now I feel settled. I honestly don’t care about gaining followers. It’s been fun and I’m so glad I have the ones I do, but this is to me about community and in these times we all need that. Life is pretty fucking shitty right now. But being here has given me new energy so thank you so much for being a part of this journey.

A special shout out to @nerdtasticnoms for sending me this stack with some awesome goodies. I received it yesterday and it was so perfect to receive something so kind on such a hard day for us all. The kindness of people like you here has really helped keep me grounded. Thank you so much!

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