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January Wrap-up

#JanuaryWrapup, I had no business reading this much this month, but I was home A LOT because of COVID and my kid’s daycare shutting down due to COVID as soon as I was set to return to work. Books were definitely an escape, and I had an AMAZING reading month. I would recommend all of these books. ALL THAT SHE CARRIED and BAD BLOOD are top tier non-fiction books, but PARADISE is also unforgettable. I will write a long form reflection for ALL THAT SHE CARRIED, it is deserving of all the accolades. BAD BLOOD was just absolutely bananas. Like I knew it was a crazy story, but my god, with each passing chapter I was pretty stunned. I had no idea all the high level people she got involved with! Henry Kissinger? Like what?

The fiction novels I read were all very fulfilling too, with PIRANESI and HOW HIGH WE GO IN THE DARK being standouts. Judging by everyones’ wrap ups it seems like everyone had a pretty stellar month, even though January was an inconsistent hell hole so even if you managed to read a page and just binge watched reality TV, hey you’re reading this so you made it in some way and I am proud of you (this is not sarcasm at all, this month was rough) Onwards!

[ID: Pictures of the books All that She Carried, Piece by Piece: The Story of Nisrin’s Hijab, Bad Blood, Piranesi, Closer to Nowhere, Paradise, She Who Became The Sun, and How High We Go in the Dark layered on top of a picture filled with plants and succulents]

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January Wrap-up
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