Jade War

JADE WAR by Fonda Lee is the second installment in the Green Bone Saga. The first book, JADE CITY is definitely one of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy books so I was a little disappointed by the second book.

Part of it could have been my hastiness to finish, but another part could be that it was filled with detailed politics which made the pacing a bit clunky and I found myself pretty bored at some parts. I felt like it could’ve been at least 75 to 100 pages shorter. That being said I am still very attached to Hilo, Shae and the rest. Lee does a great job with these characters and it’s hard not to like them although they are not very good people. Even the so-called villain Ayt Mada is a wonderful character I can’t help but kind of cheer for. I’ll definitely be checking out book three.

[ID: The book JADE WAR by Fond Lee on a table with green leaves hanging over it.]

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