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I finished Ink, Blood, Sister, Scribe and was utterly delighted

A bit of a #lastread and #currentlyreading.

I finished Ink, Blood, Sister, Scribe and was utterly delighted. It was a perfect winter break read. It was fun and filled with lovable characters. I don’t read enough standalone fantasy but if that is something you’re looking for this one is absolutely charming.

I finally read Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward and completely understand why it’s a classic. It’s a rich text and deeply layered. It took me a minute to sink my teeth into but I’m so glad I stuck with it. It’s a look into the lives of an impoverished Black family and the horrors of Hurricane Katrina as told by Esch, who finds herself pregnant at 15 years old. There’s this feeling of dread as you read because you know what’s coming. Ultimately though this is a story about sibling love and loyalty. Skeetah absolutely pops off the page and he is one of my favorite fictional characters. Definitely one I can see myself thinking about years to come.

I opened What We Fed to the Manticore not really knowing what to expect. I like the idea that every story is told through the perspective of a different animal in the world as they witness habitat destruction and human greed. The first story is about a donkey and a zookeeper in Gaza. And yeah. I cried. This was written before the current genocide taking place so it cut deep. I’m interested to read the other stories when I’m ready.

Finally I started When Crack was King last night and I am hooked. I can tell it’s going to be a solid book. I absolutely love narrative nonfiction and the introduction is excellent. I heard he got his inspiration for the structure from the Warmth of Other Suns from his interview with Traci on @thestackspod and I immediately had to get to it!

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I finished Ink, Blood, Sister, Scribe and was utterly delighted
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