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How To Avoid A Climate Disaster

Bill Gates

Soooo I read this. And I’m just gonna say a few things. First of all, Bill Gates is no dummy. I learned a lot reading this book, especially about our power grid system and how we get our food. It was helpful and not a waste of time. I obviously knew I was not going to get an intersectional view of the climate crisis and solutions. This is Bill Gates afterall. That being said, there are some glaring blind spots here that I feel need to be addressed.

Although I understand that this is a book focused on solutions I think not interrogating how we got here is a mistake. If we are to truly create a zero carbon future how will that jive with a system that values profit over people? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like a large part of the reason why we are in this mess is because a select few took all the resources and wealth from the many. And in this process they destroyed the planet. It seems odd to omit this from the narrative. I understand that the green economy will have to make money, I’m not naive, but wealth has to be better distributed or what the f*ck are we even talking about? Without acknowledging how we got here we are doomed to repeat past mistakes.

At the end of the day, I found this book useful because I learned about the science and tech needed to get us to zero, but I understand that this book paints an incomplete picture. I have trouble trusting a billionaire like Bill Gates, someone that takes private jets everywhere and is the single largest agricultural landowner in the United States. He’s wearing rose colored glasses, while the rest of us I think have a greater understanding of just how complicated and controversial (even though many of them SHOULDN’T BE) getting these solutions off the ground will be. While I appreciate this intention, I worry some people will let this be the only book about the climate crisis they read.

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