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I just finished listening to “George” by Alex Gino. Thank you to the creators of #transstacks and the #bookstagrammers who participated for making me aware of this middle grade novel about a young transgender girl. This book will definitely be a welcome addition to my classroom library. Alex Gino writes the story with tenderness and care. I especially loved that this story was all about Melissa, not the bullies. Though there were some, they did not take center and her narrative of self discovery in no way revolved around them. Alex Gino wanted to write this book bc they saw a lack of transgender characters in MG lit. This is of course just one little girls story and I hope publishers take note so we can get more stories like this from more diverse perspectives in the future. There is still a lot of work and advocating to be done as this was one of the most challenged books of 2018 but seeing the trend of YA getting more and more diverse I can only hope they start to see that middle grade kids are starving for these narratives too. I’m glad a story like this is on the shelves, but I want more, we all do.

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