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February Wrap Up

THICK is a standout, and it’s a collection I will keep in my library. If you haven’t read it, this is the one that is the must read.

THE NIGHT WATCHMAN was fantastic. Patrice is a character that will stick to you. Erdrich is an author that stands apart.

WILDSEED, was well, wild. I can’t wait to discuss it with my two girlfriends when we get a chance! Butler truly has an unmatched imagination. This is my third work by her and they are all SO DIFFERENT.

NINTH HOUSE was a reread to prep for HELL BENT, glad I reread it too. HELL BENT was pure popcorn, all plot, no real character development but I enjoyed it. I wished there was more explored in the central relationship between Darlington and Alex, because you don’t go to hell TWICE for someone and just not have a come to Jesus conversation. There was time for some emotional reckoning and not having that here was a major disappointment, but again this was a popcorn read so whatevs. Thanks @paigerragerreads for talking about it with me!

I was underwhelmed by Tx3. I found it emotionally manipulative. I’m a gamer too, so I thought I’d love it more.

AGE OF VICE was great at first, but then the ending was truly perplexing. It dedicated way too much air time to this random character and it left me scratching my head. I will read the next book though, so that’s saying something.

UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN was great. Shifted a lot of my thinking about religion in general, not just Mormons.

#MGlit: I would recommend all of these. They each meet my criteria for middle grade lit: under 300 pages with short chapters. I’m reading A ROVER’S STORY with my class now and they are loving it. EDEN’S EVERDARK is perfect for kids who love spooky stories and PAX:JOURNEY HOME is great for kids dealing with grief.

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February Wrap Up
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