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Meredith Talusan

“When people looked at me and only saw a white person, I understood that being white wasn’t actually better, that I only coveted whiteness because of what I associated it with-wealth, education, and beauty. But for someone like me, whose whiteness was literally skin deep, who did not have any actual European ancestry, to be perceived as white could only mean whiteness is nothing more than illusion.”

This was an amazing story and one that is truly unique. Meredith Talusan tells her story with deep insight and no stone unturned. She grew as a young boy in rural Philippines. She was considered a “sun child,” or one with albinism and eventually came to graduate from Harvard. Because of this her perspective on whiteness and gender was incredibly interesting. Towards the end when she discusses her decision to transition I found her insights very profound. ⠀

Pick this up especially if you love to read memoirs. I really enjoyed this one. #filipinobookstagrammer #asianamericanreaders #books #transmemoir #readlgbtqstories #supportlgbtqwriters #fairest #meredithtalusan #bookstagrammer #bookstagram #diversifybookstagram #diversifyyourbookshelf #ownvoices

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