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Everything Sad is Untrue

“Mrs. Miller says I have lost the plot, and am now just making lists of things that happened to fill space. But I replied that she is beholden to a Western mode of storytelling that I do not accept.”

Blending Persian Mythology with memoir, this story is based on the life of Daniel Nayeri. He was born in Iran and at age 8 immigrated to Oklahoma after spending a couple years in Italy as a refugee.

This story made me laugh out loud and it also made me cry, which to me are the best kinds of stories. This felt really unique in the way it was told. He frequently addresses the reader, and uses second person. There are no chapters and not really a central plot in a traditional sense but just stories upon stories upon stories that all blend together and get mixed up, but like Mrs. Miller I am beholden to a Western mode of storytelling, something I am seeking to disrupt. At the end of the day this is a love letter to his mother, an unstoppable force. There are so many hilarious and on-point one line zingers, for example, “Karen was kind in the way most Karens are if kindness doesn’t cost them anything.” There are so many more that will make you laugh or crush your heart.

EVERYTHING SAD IS UNTRUE is probably going to crack my top ten reads of the year. It is being marketed as middle grade, but I don’t really think so. I think it could be more YA and honestly, I don’t think it really belongs in any age group. It is a story for everyone. Fans of Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime will surely love this one too.

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