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Dragon Hoops

Gene Luen Yang

DRAGON HOOPS by Gene Luen Yang is a graphic novel I really enjoyed. I usually read graphic novels when I’m trying to get out of a slump or when I just need to sort of let the pictures do the heavy lifting for me because I’m tired. Yang’s graphic novel did not disappoint.

At the time of writing, he was a high school teacher and he was trying to find inspiration for something else to write about, after having written AMERICAN BORN CHINESE (one I need to get around to reading as well.) Looking for inspiration he finds it in the basketball coach and his team. He travels with them and gets to know the coach and the players. I love basketball as a sport, and watch it regularly so I had immediate buy in, but I do feel like most people would enjoy this journey through high school sports. I love sports stories because I feel like athletes give them so much of themselves in dedication to the game. Some of the most tender hearted and inspirational stories come out of sports. This one is no different. I also liked Yang’s personal reflections in this story. At one point he is trying to get more backstory from two of the top players on the team, but they are reluctant to share that part of themselves. Eventually he has to back off, and I like that he realizes this because it is none of his business and he understands that it is only one part of who they are, not the whole.

Definitely check this out if you like graphic novels or sports stories. I enjoyed it a lot.

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