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DNF’ed Books

CW: Anti-fat bias, fatphobia

I recently DNF’ed these two books for VERY different reasons.

Infinite country is beautifully written. Because of the short chapters I flew through half the book in one night. But I just haven’t had the energy to pick it up again. I think going back to hybrid so late in the year has fried my brain even further than I thought it could go. I’ll probably come back to it, but maybe I won’t. I just know right now given the subject matter I need to give this my all but I just don’t have the mental capacity. In other words INFINITE COUNTRY, it’s not you, it’s me.

But on the other hand I had to DNF THE HOUSE IN THE CERULEAN SEA because of the anti-fat comments literally everywhere. I want to acknowledge it is because of @bookishbluebird I was able to catch it in the first place and I am so grateful to her. I tried to keep going thinking maybe it’ll stop but every time the MC mentions his intensely restrictive diet “or the tire around his middle” and how it makes it difficult for him to get around, it took me out of the story. It’s a pretty constant stream of tiny comments here and there. The last straw was when the kids were in the middle of the forest and talking about cannibals. One of the kids makes an offhand remark how they’re glad the MC is there because surely he’ll get eaten first because of his size. Cue eye roll and me slamming the book shut in frustration. It served no purpose to the characters development or plot and definitely contributes to anti-fat bias that is so pervasive in our culture. Listen. Before I probably would not have noticed it, but now that I know better I have to do better. This book was a huge disappointment. And honestly a lesson for me. I should’ve stopped it way earlier and I should’ve just listened to Hayle to begin with. Shoutout to the other bookstagrammers that helped me out with this one too. Also want to acknowledge I’m not trying to call anyone out but if this is on your TBR I hope you reflect, my DMs are open. and if it’s one you loved. We’ve all been there.

What book have you recently DNF’ed? Why did you choose not to continue? #bookstagram #libraryglaredontcare

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