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December Wrap Up

#DecemberWrapUp and #HappyNewYear

I had a great December reading month. The Warmth of Other Suns blew my mind. A new non-fiction favorite for sure. It’s a chunky one but I found myself completely immersed. The rest were all solid reads. I’ll be chewing on Detransition, Baby for awhile. More thoughts on these soon. But for now looking forward to what books I will be reading in 2022. I’m contemplating skipping a goal and just going with the flow. I have far too many books on my shelf that I have not cracked open and I need to remedy that. I also want to read slower this year. I think I rushed through a lot to try to meet some arbitrary goal. So although I read a lot, it’s kind of a blur. But also sometimes you can’t help it when you get sucked into a good story. So whatevs. I will do what I want. Another goal is definitely buying less. I’ve definitely bought books when I’m feeling sad for retail therapy purposes and I need to stop that.

In all I am still in love with this space. I’ve learned how I want to exist here (which I’m sure will evolve) and it’s been joyous talking books and other things with so many of you. Bookstagram is still the best space on the internet in my opinion. Of course it’s not an accident I feel that way. I’m very intentional about how I exist here. I want this space to make me feel energized. Not drain me. And I love that that is something I have accomplished this year.

What about you? Any #bookishgoals? Any #bookstsgram goals?

Pictured with a snowy background are the books Seven Days in June, Destransition, Baby, The Warmth of Other Suns, A Light From Uncommon Stars, and Ghost Squad.

amari and the night brothers by b.b. alston
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