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December 2020 Reads

Is it weird that whenever I write a post I want to start by saying hello? Just me? Okay…

November was a weird reading month, but the two books I did pick up were remarkable (The Round House and Elatsoe). 2020 has been easily my most insane reading year. My reading goal was 30 books and I have read 60, which just sounds crazy to me. Obviously there are many reasons for this, being stuck at home and trying to find any way to either distract myself or learn more about the world and people around me, which I have always done through books. I’ve had a rich reading year, and I joined this lovely community.

That being said I changed my goal to 65 books for 2020 and I think I can make it, but if not I am still very proud of myself. Here are some possibilities. I’m reading Sister, Outsider with my cousin as a buddy read, and the rest are books I really want to get to before the year ends. We’ll see! Have you read any of these? I’d love to know what you think!
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