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Just some books I have read this month that I really loved and appreciated for all very different reasons. More thoughts on these soon, but I now have a book hangover. Does that ever happen to you? After reading a good book (or several in row) you just need to catch your breath?

But, HAPPY FRIDAY FOLKS. I hope you all read some good books and find space to relax this weekend! I’d love to know what you plan on reading this weekend! I DNF’ed THE MIDNIGHT BARGAIN because I sense it’s a summertime read. I also had to DNF These Violent Delights. I was looking for a messy romance, but there was far too much monster, not enough messiness. Now I’m onto PIRANESI, and it is delivering what I need.

[ID: The three books CLOSER TO NOWHERE, SHE WHO BECAME THE SUN, and PARADISE resting on a white wooden fence. It is very sunny and you can see some green plants in the background.]

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amari and the night brothers by b.b. alston
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