Books for Middle Grade

Celebrate Indigenous Americans (and all Indigenous peoples across the world) today and every day. Pictured on a desk are the books We Are Still Here, We are Grateful, Ancestor Approved, Sisters of the Neversea, Fry Bread, Indian No More, Water Protectors, Healer of the Water Monster, and The Barren Grounds. Also this post is performative. And if I do not follow it up by explicitly educating the kids or advocating for land back then it is all hot air. I hope the middle grade teachers who follow me here will consider getting some of these from your local library or buying them if you are able. If you’re an LA teacher I also recommend watching City Of Ghosts on Netflix. There is an episode dedicated to the Tongva people and it is beautiful. Thanks @hyazzolino for showing it to me. #middlegradebooks #iteachfourth #mglit #booksforkids #booksformiddlegrade

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