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Birthday Giveaway


Thirty four years around the sun. One of the funniest things about getting older is understanding why adults forget how old they are. I remember being a kid and asking adults “how old are you?” not understanding at the time the intrusion of this question. I personally don’t get offended when I get asked this, I work with ten year olds afterall. I remember how the adults laughed because the answer didn’t come immediately, they could not remember! I thought how crazy it was to not remember how old you were going to be! How could one forget! But as the days grow longer and the years shorter, I understand a little bit more now. Life comes at you fast, as they say. With every passing year I take the opportunity to reflect and understand how lucky I am to be alive with the people I am surrounded by, and I mean that I am surrounded by the best people in this space called Bookstagram and also in my life away from the internet. Thank you for being here and being in community with me. I figured last year I did a giveaway of Elatsoe, it is only fitting that I return with “A Snake Falls to Earth” by Darcie Little Badger. Elatsoe was absolutely fantastic, and I have heard rave reviews for this as well. The book itself is also a beauty.

Answer this question in the comments below: What is your favorite kind of cake? One bonus entry for sharing in your stories. Make sure to tag me so I can see it!
Mine is chocolate cake. Forever. And always. Giveaway Closes, next Sunday December 5th. Open to US and Canada only.

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