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August Reading Wrap Up

#AugustReadingWrapUp My reading was sort of all over the place this month. Definitely a mood reader…I definitely think about SEEK YOU often and THE YIELD is a book I hope gets more hype here. I have to shout out @literarylauren_ for the YEARBOOK rec. Seth Rogen’s voice and the rotating cast on the audio made it a worthwhile listen. And also @read_tmc for Dragon Hoops. An excellent graphic novel, I will definitely be checking out his other works. Will I write a reflection ever again? Perhaps. But I am still having a lot of fun with overlays. Ha.

Here is a list of the books as they appear on the post with a garden background: Seek You, The Yield, Yearbook, Equity Centered Trauma Informed Education, Nemesis Games, The Memory Police, Arsenic and Adobo, Dragon Hoops.

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amari and the night brothers by b.b. alston
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